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Fish-N-Chum is the most versatile fishing rod holder on the planet. It has unlimited applications for all seasons. Comfortable enough to wear all day, it is engineered to accommodate virtually any size leg. Not only does this fishingrodholder free up an anglers hands, the curved shape of the base frame against the surface of a leg, provides an immediate “ feel “of any activity surrounding a bait or lure. This causes an instant reflex reaction, and through various movements of the leg, a hook can be set. Because the fishing rod is within arms reach, it can easily be removed from the holder and reeled in.

A design so simple, yet offers a new concept never imagined before with other type rod and reel holders. An idea so unique, that it was awarded a US Patent, and is now ready for immediate introduction to a vast and waiting market. The highly portable and compact holder is ideal for freshwater and salt-water fishing and the ability to jig a bait is perfect for icefishing. It is a versatile and adjustable fishing aid that fills a real need for millions of anglers. Our fishnchum rodholder, is the only adjustable lower leg mounted fishing rod holder on the planet. Out of all the other types of fishingrodholders, this one is designed for year round use.

Physically Disabled, hopefully we can help. At the fishing shows we have been going to recently we have noticed a want for the physically disabled to fish. They proudly want to do it themselves. One, one armed man came and said he would put his fishing rod between his stomach and his leg to reel. That is a person who wants to fish. Since it is possible to reel in the holder a one armed person could fish two fishing rods at one time. We have heard feedback from him and many others on how wonderful the holder has worked out for them.

We have heard quite a few stories about the disabled looking for anything to help. Another fellow said he had problems with arthritis and he wasn’t able to hold his ice fishing rods anymore, his hand would get too cold. We know there are special type fishing rods out there but they aren’t affordable. I hope we can help, contact us on facebook, send us photos. How did they work out for you? Let us know about your ideas.