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       09/14/2000 - Revised 01/29/2016
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 Fish-n-chum Lower Leg Mounted Fishing Rod Holder
Is Patented Under US Patent 5956883
FISH-N-CHUM is a registered Trademark of Seagees LLP
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What It Is!
    Introducing a clever fishing rod holder that comfortably attaches to the angler's leg. The invention is a detachable rod and reel holder featuring the use of a convex frame that is quickly and easily fastened to the fisherman's shin. In this unique position, the hands are free yet the angler can immediately feel a strike. The hook can then be set by moving the leg or removing the rod and setting the hook in the normal fashion. The primary objective is to make fishing safer, more convenient, and more productive. The fish-n-chum is perfect for use in smaller boats and canoes where present holders leave much to be desired as to detecting of a strike.

    This remarkable new holder is the ultimate personal rod and reel holder that is ideal for ice fishing. Not only will this holder allow for setting of the hook, it also provides a "hands free" means that allows the angler to jig or chum the lure or bait. Unlike present holders that require personal attention , this holder provides immediate "feel" of any activity surrounding the bait or lure. This highly portable and compact rod and reel holder is ideal for fresh water pan fishing, such as crappie, perch, It is the rod holder that goes where you go and perfect for bank, dock, pier, bridge or shore fishing. It simply is a better way of holding a rod/reel that will ultimately result in a more enjoyable fishing experience.
It is a great fishing rod and reel holder that is fully adjustable to accommodate any size leg. The design used is simple and uncomplicated.
     A little about the two guys in the upper photo. The guy sitting down is my Dad, Carl Krouth, nickname (Charlie). That fellah in the Packer Jacket (Love My Packers Football) is me Gary Krouth ( SUNSET SAVAGE - a CB handle that stuck with me from the 60Ďs). Together we form the partnership called Seagees LLP or CGís for Carl & Gary.
    We came up with this thing called the Fish-n-chum fishing rod / pole holder. I wanted to call it the Fish-n-jig, (because you can jig a fishing rod with it) but Pa won out with his name, because, my Mom always said "You can't go out anywhere without you're fish-n-chums, can you!" Hence the name FISHNCHUM Fishing Rod/Pole Holder.
     After several prototypes of our invention we came up with a great working model. We applied, filed, and was granted a US Patent # 5956883 in the year 2000. We found a manufacturer, had them produced, and sell them now on the world wide web, and through various outlets. The rest of our info is posted throughout the website.
    I find folks think because we sell on the internet, we're this huge company, not!, I take orders, box, and ship our product, myself from my home. I am the processing dept., shipping dept., and mailing dept., even the customer care department. When you want to talk, you talk to me, not a list of employees leading up to the boss. I am the also president of the company, so if we make a deal, or have a complaint, I will take care of it, I promise. Feed back is important, I run under the name seagees1 on eBay, check it out for yourself. I answer all emails myself, might take a little longer to get back, but Iíll get there.
    I just wanted to share some information about a couple of regular guys who like to fish and came up with an idea to make it easier.

    The website might be simple, But I did it myself. With just a high school education I was a little unsure. I started not knowing much about computers, but I have learned through the years. I have always thought that you canít learn everything in schools, if you teach yourself, you are your best student.
    When I created our website, I wanted it to be KID FRIENDLY, because they are special. I know that kids like to look at the multiple pages with the little graphics on them. They take a little longer to load, but, my grandkids love them so I leave them on.
    I run a good clean site so they can cruise as long as they want.
I often wonder if we arenít losing our next generation of fisherman, through cost, activism, or just plain old lack of interest. That seems to be the case in hunting as well. The only way to stop that is to bring the little ones along with us when we go, they are little trouble and allot of enjoyment.
 The little guy in the photos below is My Grandson, Ezra, first time fishing with his daddy.
And Yes, Ezra practiced Catch and Release. He said "put him in his home Daddy".
So gear up Dads and Grandpas, and take a kid fishing, They'll love you for it.
And remember, they're worth it!
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It's a Easy Reachin', Fish Feelin', Bait Jiggin', Hook Settin', Fishing Rod Holder!
 It'll Leave You Reelin' From the Feelin'..
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