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     09/14/2000 - Revised 01/29/2016
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 Fish-n-chum Lower Leg Mounted Fishing Rod Holder
Is Patented Under US Patent 5956883
FISH-N-CHUM is a registered Trademark of Seagees LLP
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Just lifting a heel a couple of inches up and down enables a line to be jigged.
 Anglers can jig two rods at one time, while keeping the their hands warm in their pockets.

 Ice fishing - Sitting on your bucket a couple of fish-n-chums strapped on, you are able to jig a bait with just the up and down motion of your foot. The natural leg movement keeps your line from freezing in on those colder days. A person is able to jig a bait, and set a hook while keeping his or her hands warm.

Fish-N-Chum is the most versatile, go where you go, fishing rod holder on the planet. Completely adjustable, it has unlimited applications for all seasons. Invented for an angler's lower leg, by all means, use your imagination, strap them anywhere. They give you some great DEAD STICK options!
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It's a Easy Reachin', Fish Feelin', Bait Jiggin', Hook Settin', Fishing Rod Holder!
 It'll Leave You Reelin' From the Feelin'..
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