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      09/14/2000 - Revised 01/29/2016
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 Fish-n-chum Lower Leg Mounted Fishing Rod Holder
Is Patented Under US Patent 5956883
FISH-N-CHUM is a registered Trademark of Seagees LLP
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Subject: Fish-n-chum
  Let's face it, a fishing rod holder is for when the fish are not biting. The purpose of a rod holder is to free your hands when you want to do something else. When a dad takes his kids fishing, he'll try to fish, but the small anglers will keep after him, "bait my hook, take my fish off, Daddy the fish took my worm", Been there, done that. Now, when dad takes a couple of his fish-n-chums along, he can easily bait the kids hook while himself fishing two fishing poles. While he is busy he can still feel a hit and set a hook.
   Still Fishing is still one of our favorites. Just drowning worms, or bobber fishing can give an angler a nice meal of pan fish such as crappie, perch, or blue gill. The smaller fish give a great fight on the ultra light rods, or the lighter tackle on the market. Bottom fishing will get some of those good tasting walleye.
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It's a Easy Reachin', Fish Feelin', Bait Jiggin', Hook Settin', Fishing Rod Holder!
 It'll Leave You Reelin' From the Feelin'..