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    Check this out, this is a video of our prototypes in use for the first time. There is no rod holder on the planet that a person can feel a fish take the bait and react so quickly. I am able to safely steer the boat, while looking where I am going, not having to watch the poles to see a biting fish. At the very beginning of the vid watch the real shake alerting me to a fish strike. I react immediately to the strike because I can feel the pull on the fishing rod. Notice in all this excitement I am still able to feel a hit on the other fishing rod and set the hook safely. For trolling for bass or walleyes in a small boat, there is no rod holder better.
      Trolling is another great way our holder can be used. Since the holder heads are adjustable and removable, one holder can be to the front of the angler and the other to the back. While straddling the seat and using the seven foot rods, the holders are opposed and fourteen feet apart. This reduced the amount of line one puts out, and keeps the lures out of the prop wake. He or She can then run the motor, watching where they are going not having to watch the fishing rods. The bass or walleye will let you know when they hit. We like to practice catch and release when trolling.
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