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      09/14/2000 - Revised 01/29/2016
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 Fish-n-chum Lower Leg Mounted Fishing Rod Holder
 Is Patented Under US Patent 5956883
FISH-N-CHUM is a registered Trademark of Seagees LLP
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Rod tip can be raised by rotating the leg. Jigging a bait. Setting a hook Rotating the leg provides easy rod extraction
After designing several types of prototypes, we came up with a working model. A basic prototype of sheet metal, square metal rod, and some PVC plastic pipe. We had solved the problem we wanted to solve. An angler using our fish-n-chums can tend two rods that can be easily reached, without moving his or her center of gravity, or rocking the boat. This a basic idea and the prototypes we came up with do that job very well. If that is all they would do, that would be fine, but they do so much more. After field testing our prototypes we were amazed at the sensitivity of the outside of the shin. Even small light nibbles could be felt, even through heavy pants. And that wasn't all, instinctively after feeling a hit my leg would somehow react to set the hook. This was fantastic, we never dreamed of this. We experimented with our prototypes, and thought we would document what they can do with photographs.
This Gif. shows that with a small amount of effort of the leg being raised, a substantial amount of area can be rotated to the rod tip.
Jigging Or Chumming With the heel being raised up and down, the reaction of the rod tip is similar. This in a fishing term, is called jigging the bait, or chumming the fish.
Extraction The rod can be removed without moving the center of gravity. When the leg is rotated forward, the rotation brings the rod to the hand.
Setting A Hook There are various ways of setting a hook with a fish-n-chum. We have used them, and they are proven. The action of the leg twisting up causes a reaction on the rod tip.
fish-n-chum_web002042.jpg fish-n-chum_web002040.jpg fish-n-chum_web001041.jpg fish-n-chum_web002036.jpg fish-n-chum_web002034.jpg fish-n-chum_web002032.jpg fish-n-chum_web002030.jpg fish-n-chum_web002028.jpg fish-n-chum_web002026.jpg fish-n-chum_web002024.jpg fish-n-chum_web002022.jpg fish-n-chum_web002020.jpg fish-n-chum_web001019.jpg fish-n-chum_web001017.jpg fish-n-chum_web001003.jpg fish-n-chum_web002012.jpg fish-n-chum_web001013.jpg fish-n-chum_web001011.jpg fish-n-chum_web001009.jpg fish-n-chum_web001007.jpg fish-n-chum_web001005.jpg
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