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Fish-n-chum Fishing Rod / Pole Holder


   The Fish-n-chum rod holder works great with natural live baits such as minnows and worms and night crawlers. The high current rate allows for fantastic action on any bait. An angler set up with a wolf river rig in the spring can get a fair share of walleye. 

   Fishing is often done on bridges, docks, and well anchored boats. If you have your rod holder clamped to the bridge, you're kind of stuck there. With the Fish-n-chum rod holder a person is able to carry the rod to where ever and then easily set it in the holder, because you carry your holder with you. 

   On a dock or in a boat, nothing hard about the type fishing. Let the bait drift around in the current and set the hook after you feel the fish bite. Like in ice  fishing, just lifting your heel up and down jigs for walleye, the action is greatly increased because of the length of the fishing rod.


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